Media Folders

This is a cool feature which allows you to Export FileBird's folder with files and download it in a CSV format or Import the CSV file to your website. This is something that might be ideal or useful in the cases or processes of website backups, migration or website duplication processes.

The exported folder can be imported to the same website or to a different website.

Here is a GIF image showing how to import or export folder:

A gif image showing how to Import and Export folders


  • All folders: Import all folders in csv.

  • Common folders: Import shared folders, i.e. folders created when the 'Each user has his own folders' option is not enabled.

  • Selected User: Select the user account you want to import folders from this user for the current user.

You can check out this function if you want to Download folder structure with files. Also check out how to Upload the downloaded folder structures with files in it.

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