You can activate the Polylang settings for media translation. This setting will allow you to:

  • Translate file texts

  • Operate media library differently for all languages.

(1). In other to translate media file Texts like; titles, alternative text, captions, descriptions etc. Click edit and translate the Texts into different languages by clicking on the plus (+) signs against each languages as shown in the GIF below:

(2). To, operate the same media library for all your activated languages, select the switcher option 'Show all languages'. To operate a different media library for different languages, select the languages one after the other and for each, you can perform actions separately like; adding files, arranging files etc.

If you do not activate Polylang's media translation settings, it means you will automatically have the same media library for all your website's languages and you cannot translate file texts for different languages too.

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