1. Cannot Create a New Folder

If your website is hosted with Godaddy or Siteground, these hosting platforms have a Sucuri firewall in place at the cpanel level, which can false-positively block some FileBird requests.

Solution: You need to contact your hosting support and ask them to Whitelist your computer IP (Give them your IP address) in the Sucuri settings;

Check your IP address: You can check your IP address by visiting this website;

2. I Need the FileBird Information in my Database

There are many reasons why you may need this information, one example reason could be that you want to migrate FileBird's component to a new site using the database table migration.

Solution: FileBird databases are stored in these two tables:

  • _fbv

  • _fbv_attachment_folder

3. My Folders are Disappearing and I use LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

Go to the Litespeed cache settings and turn OFF the three features as shown in the screenshot below:

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