FileBird Document Library

FileBird Document Library is an add-on plugin for FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders. It can be used along with FileBird Free or FileBird Pro.
This plugin helps you create a WordPress document library using FileBird and Gutenberg.
Once your folders and files are in place, just head on over to Gutenberg page/post editor and you will find a new block called FileBird Document Library.
Go ahead to insert this document library block to your page/post. Then you will be able to select a folder or many folders to output the document files.
Just pressing Shift or Ctrl key while selecting folders, just like how it works when you select multiple files on your computer.
FileBird Document Library allows you to add multiple folders. However, once the library is published, it displays all files in bulk and not in hierarchical order.
There are a variety of options including library title, limit items per page, list/grid layout, and sort options. Please play around with it to design your perfect document library.
Happy customizing!