Auto organize uploaded files from JetEngine Forms into FileBird folder

This tutorial helps you get the file upload from the JetEngine plugin into the FileBird folders via JetEngine Form.

  1. Go to JetEngine -> Forms to create a form.

  2. Navigate to Field Settings.

  • In the Type field, please choose Media

  • Name File_upload in the name field or any name that your users can recognize its purpose.

  • You can choose who can see, and upload the files in the User Access setting.

  • Input the maximum allowed files to upload.

  • Choose which type of MIME you allow to upload into the form, and so on...

  1. Use Browser Inspector to get the FileBird's folder ID, which will be used to add the files after the form submitted.

  1. Add the functionality to integrate FileBird with JetEngine Form. You might use WPCode or add it to the theme functions.php

use FileBird\Model\Folder as FolderModel;

add_action('jet-engine/forms/handler/after-send', function($data, $success ){
	$files = $data->form_data['file_upload'];

	if (is_array($files)) {
		foreach ($files as $file) {
			FolderModel::setFoldersForPosts($file['id'], 168);
	} else {
		FolderModel::setFoldersForPosts($file['id'], 168);

}, 10,2);

That's it. Now, you have all the uploaded files in the FileBird Media Folder successfully.

Note: In this function, we get the file upload from the field “file_upload” in $data->form_data[‘file_upload’], the “file_upload” must be the same name with the field we created above, and the FileBird's folder ID is ‘168’.

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