Filter: FileBird Post Types

  • Description: Add Or Remove post type supported in FileBird Pro

  • Code example:

add_filter('filebird_post_types', function($post_types) {
	return $post_types;

Filter: Zip File with ZipStream

  • Description: FileBird will automatically detect if ZipStream is currently installed on your PHP server, and if it’s not, it will automatically switch to using ZipArchive. The filter ‘fbv_use_zipstream’ helps us switch to ZipArchive if your system is currently running ZipStream but encounters an issue.

  • Code example:

// Using ZipStream
add_filters( 'fbv_use_zipstream', '__return_true' );
// Using ZipArchive
add_filters( 'fbv_use_zipstream', '__return_false' );

Filter: Switch from searching using JavaScript to using an API

Please use this filter to perform searches using FileBird API:

add_filter("fbv_folder_api_search", '__return_true');

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