Hierarchical type

How to display a folder structure on the front-end

FileBird Document Library Pro allows you to show a folder structure with breadcrumb navigation and nested folders.

This feature is available in the Pro version.

Hierarchical type allows you to display a root folder that contains all sub-folders mirroring from your WordPress media library back-end.

In this mode, you can select only one main folder. Its sub-folders will also be included in the folder tree. Your selected main folder will be the root folder.

  1. Folder: This is the selection option which allows you to choose the source folder for displaying the documents in front end.

  2. Structure Display: This option allows you to show folder tree in the frontend. If the selected folders have the same folder parent, the breadcrumb will display the path of the common parent of the subfolders. If the subfolders are on different levels, the breadcrumb will show up to the path of the nearest common parent of the subfolders.

  • When you click on the arrow, it will expand a subfolder of the current folder.

  • When you click on the text library, the selected folder will immediately load

  • When viewed on mobile, the layout will automatically be converted to select box style

  1. Search Scope

  • Narrow: Allows you to search for files in the folder you have selected

  • Extended: Allows you to search for files in the folder you selected and files in its subfolders

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