FileBird Document Library for Members

How to add user restriction mode to Members plugin (by MemberPress)

To achieve this feature, you should install the extra plugin named FileBird Document Library for MemberPress plugin.

Now, you can follow these steps to complete your settings.

  1. Creating a Membership in Members by MemberPress.

  1. Creating a Page using FileBird Document Library block and make sure you toggle-on the "Activate Members integration" option to unlock this feature.

  1. Adding a rule in MemberPress

In this step, please select the page that you have created in the previous step to assign the rule to that page.

  1. Adding members in MemberPress

Each user has their own ID, and this ID will be used to link their FileBird folder to their membership account.

Also, please make sure you create a folder name correctly based on the User ID in MemberPress.

Be sure to name folders in correspondence with the ID. This step is very important, if you create wrong folder name, then the User can not see his documents.

  1. Verifying transactions

Note: Only the active accounts can access the documents in their folders.

That's it. Now, you achieve your goal within a few steps.

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