When purchasing FileBird from, you have two licensing options: Regular License, or Extended License.

If the website using FileBird is going to be free to the end user, then a Regular License is what you need.

An Extended License is required if the end user must pay to use the website. These end users can be your premium subscribers or students.

A premium license can be used on one WordPress live site and multiple local installations. But you can’t use a standard license on multiple clients or jobs, regardless of regular or extended.

The license terms are handled by Envato Market. You can learn more about Standard Licenses here.


Can I use FileBird on a test site, then move it to a live site later?

Yes, you can move the license to the live site anytime using this guide. If it's not successful, please contact us.

Can I activate a test site and a live site with one Regular License?

This is not allowed if the two sites are live sites. But it's possible if your test site is a localhost.

Can I use a license on a WordPress multisite?

You can only activate one license per website. For example, if your multisite network has 3 sites, and you want all of them to have full premium features, you must have 3 licenses.

I bought a theme that comes with FileBird bundled, is that the Pro version?

Yes, it is FileBird Pro version with premium-only features. However, according to the licensing rules set by Envato Market, there is not a premium license attached. Also at CodeCanyon, the developers reserve the right to add new or more advanced features for clients who have purchased the plugin directly.

Learn more: FAQs section of ThemeForest & CodeCanyon

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