Getting Started

Use this documentation to see what sections and settings are included in FileBird, and for guidance on how to use the plugin.

FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders is a WordPress plugin that gives the ability to arrange your media files in well-organized folder(s) inside the WordPress dashboard.

With FileBird, you can create custom folders in your media library. Later, you can use these folders to upload images, videos, or any other media types.

Besides folder creation, you will also have other features such as

  • Multiple design options

  • Folder colors

  • Folder downloading

  • Sorting folders

  • Display document library

  • Integration with third-party plugins

  • Translation ready options

  • Drag and drop media management

And so on.

FileBird is also a freemium WordPress plugin. The free version of the tool can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins repository.

The premium version costs $39 (one-time fee) and you can get it from the CodeCanyon marketplace.

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