Local installations

We want to make FileBird as helpful as possible to our WordPress users. Therefore, from version 6.x+ you can activate a FileBird premium license on multiple local installations.

We detect these types of domains as local:

  • localhost


  • your-store.dev

  • your-shop.local

  • dev.yourshop.com

  • staging.yourshop.net

So, if you have purchased a new license and activated it on a local, your license activation status will still be available.

Please note:

To view your license key(s) of FileBird Pro, please log in to https://ninjateam.org/dashboard/, connect to your Envato account, and navigate to FileBird Licenses tab.

If you have multiple FileBird licenses in the same Envato account, the local activations will be associated with the first-bought purchase code.

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