Premium License

What FileBird premium license offers, and why you should get one.
Just so you know, there are two main versions of FileBird:
  • Free Version: This lite version offers core file management features like drag and drop folders, bulk selecting files, and Gutenberg support. This version can be downloaded from
  • Pro Versions: These offer advanced sort, WPML compatibility, and more amazing features compared to the free version. There are two types of Pro versions:
    • FileBird Pro (Unlicensed): This version unlocks pro features than the free version, like managing pages/posts/CPTs, advanced sort options, search filters, downloading an entire folder as ZIP, etc. However, it lacks the folder theme options available with a license.
    • FileBird Pro (Licensed Activated): Activating the license unlocks the full potential of FileBird Pro, including folder themes/skins, custom user role features, and priority support. Essentially, it provides all the capabilities of the unlicensed Pro version plus exclusive features and benefits.
In simpler terms:
  • Think of the free version as your basic car. It gets you from point A to point B, but it's not the most feature-rich.
  • The Pro versions are like upgraded models. They offer more speed, comfort, and features.
    • An unlicensed Pro version is like a fancy sports car without bells and whistles. You can enjoy feature upgrades and great performance, but not all fancy stuff. 🔕
    • A licensed Pro version is like having all the keys and upgrades unlocked. You get the full experience with all the bells and whistles. 🔔😚
You can consider these points before getting a FileBird Pro version with a license included:
  • It is a one-time purchase. And you will get all future updates.
  • License for FileBird Pro is a lifetime license. It never expires.
  • You will get our 24/7 instant support and the privilege to add your feature request (we will implement it JUST FOR YOU!)
We sell FileBird under Envato Market policy, ensuring that our customers receive a reliable and secure product. Therefore, a single license can be used in only one end product. View Licenses and FAQs here.