In order to provide you with a better support experience, please make sure that:
  • You have checked our knowledge base which has extensive FAQs and Tutorials that can answer most questions.
  • You have updated the plugin to the latest version, learn how to do that here.
  • Try deactivating all plugins but leave only our WhatsApp Chat plugin - if the issue is solved then it means the problem is from an external plugin, then you can activate them one by one to detect the exact one causing the issue and check it with their support.
You have checked them all but still cannot find a solution? Then, please use any of the following means to contact us:
This is the best way to chat with us for urgent support and to ask pre-sale questions.
If you have any technical issues, just submit a ticket with your login details and we'd be glad to help.
If email is your favorite mean, just drop us a line to: [email protected]
Last modified 9mo ago