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WooCommerce Button

The WhatsApp Chat WordPress plugin allows you to add product experts or sales agents' WhatsApp contact buttons to WooCommerce product pages.

Adding WhatsApp contact button to WooCommerce product page

From your admin dashboard, go to WhatsApp > Settings > open WooCommerce Button tab.
Enabling the option and you can set up the WooCommerce WhatsApp button in a few clicks.
  • Choose placement: pick where you want to put the WhatsApp button
    • Before Add to Cart button
    • After Add to Cart button
    • After short description
    • After long description
  • Choose accounts to display: pick one or more agents from the dropdown list
  • Save changes and you're all done!
Set up WooCommerce WhatsApp button
Visit any of your WooCommerce single product pages and you'll see the WhatsApp button inserted like this.
WooCommerce product page with a WhatsApp button
If you want to edit the design or greetings text of this WooCommerce button at the agent individual level, please see Customizing WhatsApp contact button.
After placing multiple WhatsApp members with different working hours and greetings text on the same WooCommerce page, here's how the set of buttons look like.
WooCommerce product page with two WhatsApp buttons