Multiple Agents

WhatsApp Chat WordPress plugin allows you to add a WhatsApp widget on the chosen pages of your website. The contact widget shows as a floating button on the corner and expands to a beacon interface with multiple agents.

Adding and editing WhatsApp agent accounts

From your admin dashboard, go to WhatsApp > Add New Account to start adding your agents' WhatsApp contact details.

For each agent, you will be able to customize their account info and appearances in the metaboxes.


Add the display name for each agent.


Upload the agent/staff image to display in the WhatsApp widgets and buttons.

Account Number

Add the contact's phone number, start by entering a plus sign (+) and follow by the country code, and the full phone number without the initial zero.


Show what the personnel does. Here are some ideas: Customer Success Associate, Customer Happiness, Technical Support, Sales Rep, etc.

Predefined Text

This acts as a pre-filled conversation starter. It supports shortcodes to output the current page title or URL where the customer is.

For example, if you set the text like this:

Hello, I’m interested in [njwa_page_title] at [njwa_page_url]. Do you have...

Then this readily composed message will show up when your customers click to chat with you.

As you can see, predefined text is not only a great personalization tool but also a time saver.


By default, the Always available online option is on to indicate that the WhatsApp contact is always online.

In case your staff has a duty roster or your office has specific working hours, you can add custom availability to streamline the workflow.

  • Business hours: Add your business days, hours, and multiple shifts.

  • Offline notice:

    • Description text on working day: Display custom text on the day you'll be working but not yet available. Use shortcode to automatically show the remaining time so that your customers know how much longer they have to wait.

    • Description text on day-off: Display custom text on the day you're off from work.

Here's how your offline notice might look like on the WhatsApp click to chat buttons.

This time schedule functionality works seamlessly with all major cache plugins to help you deliver the exact real-time notice to your customers.

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