Dokan Multivendor

Enhance Dokan vendors' store and product pages with NinjaTeam's WhatsApp plugin

WhatsApp Chat for WordPress (Pro) by NinjaTeam is the only plugin that works with Dokan multivendor marketplace and WordPress cache plugins.

It adds an extra module for vendors so that each vendor can present their own contact details.

Install the WhatsApp widget for Dokan

In order to make use of WhatsApp widget for Dokan vendors, make sure to have these plugins activated on your site:

When NinjaTeam WhatsApp Pro is active, it'll make some changes to your admin WhatsApp settings. Therefore, the WooCommerce Button settings will be set up in vendor view instead of admin view.

Integrate WhatsApp to Dokan vendor pages

Please log in as a vendor using vendor username and password.

From Dokan vendor dashboard, go to Settings > WhatsApp to find the WhatsApp integration setup panel.

Account number or group chat URL

Here you can enter a WhatsApp phone number or group invite link.

Button label

This is the little text on the WhatsApp widget's label. It's also shown on the WooCommerce button on the vendor's single product pages.

Display WhatsApp button below Add to cart

Enabling this option makes a WhatsApp click to chat button show on all of the vendor's product pages.

Display WhatsApp floating widget

Enabling this option makes the WhatsApp floating widget appear on the right corner of all pages associated with the vendor, including store page, collection page, product page, etc.

These options for each vendor's WhatsApp button/widget run independently of the others. So each vendor has his/her own support channel and is unaffected by admin settings.

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