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Custom WhatsApp Button

In any given pages or posts, you can add a WhatsApp button with custom image, style, and greetings.
Custom WhatsApp buttons with different styles

Adding WhatsApp button with Gutenberg block

Let’s say you’re running a lead-collecting campaign in which people have to message you on WhatsApp to get the coupon codes.
In Gutenberg editor, search for the block called WhatsApp button and add it to the post. With this block, you will be able to:
  • Choose a pre-built WhatsApp account, or add a new WhatsApp phone number
  • Design the button with custom style and color scheme
Then, publish the page/post content and run your marketing campaign.

Adding WhatsApp button via shortcode

Each member account has its own shortcode that you can copy and paste anywhere on your site.
You can choose a specific member or field expert to display his/her WhatsApp contact. Then go to the page/post Classic editor or Gutenberg and paste the respective shortcode.
Publish the page/post and now you provide an easy and direct way of getting in touch with the right person for your customers and clients.
Quick tip: Automate WhatsApp marketing
Now that people are pinging you on the above WhatsApp phone number, you can set an automated reply to those messages using the WhatsApp Business App.