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How the plugin works

How to duplicate a WordPress based website from one WordPress server to another (steps 1-8):
1. Install FastDup plugin on a WordPress based website that you wish to duplicate and then access at the left-side menu, towards the bottom of your WordPress dashboard.
2. Click on => New Package => New Template => Run Now => Create Package Now
A gif image showing most of the settings described in steps 1 and 2
3. You'll get two files, download and save the two files to your computer, the “Installer”, then the “Archive” files respectively.
4. In your cpanel dashboard, click on MySQL Databases => Create New Database => Add New User => Add User To Database
A gif image showing the processes involved in creating a Database in cpanel
5. Move both files “Installer” and “Archive” to the “public HTML folder” of the domain you want to duplicate to or into the folder you want WordPress to be installed.
A gif image showing how to move both downloaded files as explained in step 5
6. While you have your server running, open a new tab in your web browser, type your domain name, forward slash “installer.php”, for instance: ““, then click to load and click “Next” after the wizard screen comes up, after the “settings” screen comes up, leave the “Database Host” as “localhost”.
A gif image showing what was explained in step 6
7. Fill in your Database details created at "step 4" in the appropriate fields and please read the warning text below this field which which means that any previous installation on that database would be replaced with this new one, so make sure you create a new database as in "step 4" or be sure you want to replace any previous installations in case you choose to use an old database.
In case you are duplicating to local host on your PC, please read the documentation of that particular type of local host installation you are running on your PC to know where to get the Database details.
A gif image showing the processes explained in step 7 above
8. Select the package file, click on “Test Database” and if you get an error message “database test is unsuccessful”, then double check the Database username and password, but if you get the success message, click on “Next” to proceed, check the box to “Auto delete installer files after login to secure site”, click “Admin Login” button and input Username and Password of the parent website.
A gif image showing the last step involved in the duplication process