Features of the Plugin

The FastDup plugin was designed to help you have the best possible experience in situations where you need to duplicate a website from one server to another.

The specific functional features of this plugin thus include:

New package: This is the tab which allows you to create a new package/campaign which involves aggregation of database contents ready for download.

New template: This allows you to give a specific name to the package you are creating for better recognition and easy identification of all your packages.

Run: This is the button which when clicked makes the plugin organize all the website files and data in one zip file ready for download.

Installer file: If you click this tab, a download of the installer.php to your computer would be immediately initiated, this is in fact available for download, this is the file that does the deployment of the whole duplicated content to the new database.

Archive: This is the button which has the link which when clicked allows you to download the website files in zip format, it is next to the installer.php button.

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